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About Us

We at Golden Sauda aim to forecast your sight in Indian stock and commodity market and make trading risk free.
Golden Sauda helps you for proper understanding of how one should observe the moving pattern in the MCX and Indian stock markets so that we can fetch out maximum profit out of the volatility in the markets.We will helps you to focus on the movement of the price and forecast their direction too.
Our forecast will reach you through SMS and Chat room. We have got very efficient SMS system ensuring the instant delivery of Message vey instantly and without any loss of timing. So, that our valuable clients get adequate time to enter into the trade and fetch the maximum profit out of our accurate* tips.
Our very efficient team of Analysts, keep a constant track of various ups and downs in the markets as well as various fundamental factors which is used for the best technical setups in Stocks as well as Commodities to generate the best of Trading ideas be it Intraday Stock Calls, Intraday Nifty Calls, Equity Trading Calls or Short Term Delivery Picks in Indian Stock Market.
The Golden Sauda is purely created to provide technical & financial information to the people to earn from Indian stock market.
Our packages is so fixable and suitable to everybody, so you can choose our packages as per your requirement.
disclaimer:Trading involves risk and returns cannot be guaranteed since the profits may vary in each case.
  • 2010-2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Golden Sauda is situated at INDORE in Madhya Pradesh. Our aim is to forecast your sight in Indian stock and Commodity market. Golden Sauda since its inception has grown click here

  • March 2011

    Our Goal

    Helping hand in your growth We are here to guide our dear clients n show them path of success . Our goal is to utilize expertise of our research team for growth and development of our clients. The stock and commodity market is kind of volatile movements , so it carries risk , we are here to diminish risk to some extent by providing you timely n accurate calls(tips)

  • December 2012

    Our Vision

    Keep you informed about opportunities in market Stock and commodity Market is full of opportunity for your capital growth but to avail this opportunity you should be wel informed about its ups n downs. For the day and night our research team is working for you. Even when you are sleeping and dreaming for your growth , our team is working hard to make your dreams true.

  • July 2014

    Our Mission

    To make a Golden Sauda best investment advisory company in India by 2020

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107 Swadesh Bawan,Near Baskar Press Indore 452010.


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